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I have been a member of the Studio C Makeup and Hair team since 2013

Many images on my site are from my work on that show

Most, if not all, of the makeup and hair is designed by Marren Bailey Copeland, Studio C Makeup & Hair department head.

As a member of her team I have had the privilege of working with her and other artists in the creation, fabrication, styling and application of most of the makeup and hair you see on that show.

I am honored to say that I have worked side by side with the following makeup professionals:

Marren Copeland, Shannon HokamaBrittany Troche, Kathy Lynch, Charisse Miller, Abby Steele and Michaela Fordham among others

For professional studio photos of the cast in various makeup & character looks, please visit the incomparable Justin Hackworth's website dedicated to Studio C 2017 here and 2020 here

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